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In "all the things I've said" tony had a great line about the avengers being the children he never wanted. Cue next fight. Bam. Magic~ everybody but Steve and Tony get turned into kids. Turns out Tony is a pro and Steve has no idea what he's doing.



"Tony, Tony you have to take him."

"Kinda got my hands full over here, Cap."


"Alright, alright, holy hell, Captain…" Too slowly for Steve’s tastes, Tony wiped off Natasha’s mouth with her bib, then straightened up and strolled over. He dusted his hands off on his pants along the way. "Alright, what’s the problem? Pass him over."

Fighting back tears, Steve shoved Clint into Tony’s arms and stepped away. He wrapped his arms around his chest and stood there, like an overgrown child himself. Tony eyed him curiously as he bounced the screaming child on his hip.

"Steve, hey. Something wrong."

Steve shook his head. Then, because sometimes Steve Rogers wasn’t Captain America, and sometimes he was a coward, he fled. He just couldn’t handle delicate and small and breakable. He knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he was going to hurt the children. With the baby bird bones and soft heads and tiny, tiny little fingers and toes. Steve could feel the strength running through his hands, his arms, his body. And he just knew he’d mess up and hurt them.

theeennnn tony passes them off to—aw damn it’s MCU so there’s no Jarvis. Argh. Passes them off to a Pepper-Rhodey team he calls in just for this occasion. And he goes to find steve and he comforts him with sweet words and also sex. And then afterwards he makes Steve sit on the couch and he plops a napping Thor into his lap and Steve manages to go a whole thirty minutes without waking him, and the panic in his chest starts to die down a little bit and he thinks that maybe, if he takes EXTRA special care, he can get through this. For a couple hours. At best.

I really think you're taking the casting of the Maximoff twins way too personally. I'm sure Joss Whedon wasn't out to offend you when he made his decision. He wanted two young fresh up and coming actors who already had Hollywood acclaim and that is understandable.



hey pal, fuck you.

joss whedon probably wasn’t out to offend me personally, no, but guess what butterplum, he did anyway.

because i grew up in a neighbourhood where the other parents told their children they weren’t allowed to play with me because i was dirty and untrustworthy and a thief.
because i had ethnic slurs hurled at me from my fellow students and other residents throughout the majority of my life. because the german word for gypsy was spraypainted onto our house wall 8 times throughout the years we lived there and, on one memorable occasion, keyed into my mum’s car.
because my mum’s mother died in a russian concentration camp and no one would help her father raise his five daughters alone because everyone viewed him as waste, expendable.
because my mother eventually had to fend for herself on the streets as an orphan when she was only 13 years old because she had literally no other choice. because she was mistreated in the orphanage she eventually went to, and because she was thrown out of three schools for “misconduct” that was really just profiling based on the fact that she had roma heritage.
because even though she managed to leave that part of her life mostly behind and found a family and get a job, her sisters weren’t so lucky. one of them permanently ended up in a mental institution after being denied healthcare by the country she lived in due to her heritage and her psychosis grew unchecked until it evolved into fullblown schizophrenia. one of them killed herself. she hasn’t heard from the other two in years and isn’t even sure if they’re alive anymore.
because 90% of roma people live in poverty. because 45% of those fall under extreme poverty with living conditions without water and electricity and basic things like food. (x)

so yes, i take it personally. because it is fucking personal.
the maximoffs were literally the only representation of romani people i’ve encountered so far that weren’t either a stereotype or a criminal. the fact that they were allowed to be heroes and stand for positive ideals despite their background was revolutional for me when i first learned about them, because my entire life i’ve been made to feel that being roma is bad and disgusting.

it’s bad enough that wanda maximoff was already turned into an ableist joke and fridged twice in the comics.

and joss whedon looked at their background history and how hugely important it is for minorities and deemed it not important enough to be included.
that’s especially horrible considering the fact that not only are roma people treated like scum everywhere, anti-semitism is still very much a constant threat to jewish people everywhere and anti-semitic hate crimes are on a rise.

the fact that joss whedon didn’t even waste one thought on the repercussions of his decision when he retconned the maximoff twins to be british is frankly disgusting and speaks volumes about the kind of person he is.
and if you look at his decision and find absolutely nothing wrong with it, then it speaks volumes about the kind of person you are, too.


Oh fuuuuuck

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Natasha and Bucky Comics Masterpost





So with Winter Soldier out now, I know you’re all dying to read more about Bucky and Natasha, whether as a couple or individually!  So, since I haven’t seen one of these with download links yet, I’ve put together a reading order + downloads.

This is a combination of solo stories and team-ups with each other.  It isn’t every appearance of theirs together, but they’re the ones that I consider important.  (If you have any suggestions, however, I’m totally up for editing.)

I tried to break it up by ROUGH chronology, both by keeping important events together because I really don’t like hopping from series to series, but also breaking them up after significant chunks to avoid getting worn out on one arc (hence the Deadly Origin between Cap v4 and Reborn).

Here is the folder with everything

Here are the specific download links.  Message me if any of them are broken:

Black Widow V1

Black Widow V2

Black Widow V3

Captain America V5 (Bonus: Winter Soldier - Winter Kills.  Takes place between issues 24 and 25)

(Note: Bucky joins the New Avengers around Secret Invasion.  I wouldn’t consider it necessary reading, because it’s a team book and not individual, but I have his issues here.  Issue 47 of NA comes out concurrently with issue 44 of Cap v5 I believe)

Black Widow: Deadly Origin

Captain America: Reborn and Who Will Wield the Shield

Captain America: Renumbered (+ Captain America and Bucky)

Black Widow V4

Widowmaker (see note in folder; prequel is in the big folder)

Fear Itself 3-4, 7.1 (the rest of it isn’t worth it.  I promise. it just. isn’t.)

Winter Soldier

Bucky is currently in two ongoings (All-New Invaders and another run of Winter Soldier that I actually think might be a limited series) and Natasha is in one (Black Widow), which you should check out.  I don’t have downloads for those, but they’re not very far, so you can probably grab them at the comic shop or on comixology.

As always, if you like the comics, buy them!


For those who were interested in moar Nat and Bucky comics


Bunny master post



Friendly reminder that the Duckbill Platypus is not beaver sized but the tiniest most cutest patootie being in existence 


i thought these things were the size of like, large cats or something. ITS FUCKING TINY JESUS

hey, you really have’ta stop callin’ me james…
so, what do i call you, then?
how about you just call me bucky.

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okay this movie is worth it just for this


also points in its favor:





Morning Melody by Bobby Joshi


Morning Melody by Bobby Joshi


Favourite Fashion: Alexander McQueen, Fall 2008 RTW


late hbd to the “best dad”, i suppose 


late hbd to the “best dad”, i suppose 

steve/sam, one of them makes a Plan to make the other fall in love with them through CHARM and DEBONAIR-NESSc (and that's the first problem right there, they don't know how to turn debonair into a noun and it's all downhill from there) ((by DOWNhill i mean blowjobs)) (((okay i'm done)))


Natasha gives Sam a parting gift, too, though he isn’t quite sure what to do with it. To Steve, who can never go back, she gives a folder full of the past; to Sam, whose future is uncertain, she gives a glimpse of what could be. Via text, of course. Apparently wherever one goes to establish new covers has decent service.

He loves the Mets, she texts, with a little baseball emoji.

Good, Sam replies. I couldn’t trust a Yankees fan.

For that, she Snapchats him a clip of her rolling her eyes.

Also, she says, he likes it when people have deep conversations with him. “Who am I”, “what is the nature of trust”, “can government ever be truly representative” and all sorts of fun stuff like that.

I’ll bear that in mind? Sam texts.

And he doesn’t like public displays of affection, he receives back, and that’s when he turns his phone off, because if he’s being this unsubtle something is off with his game. Not that it’s a game. But.


Sam makes bullet points.

Don’t make bullet points!!!!!!! Natasha texts him.

Sam keeps right on making bullet points.

  • Mets game??????
  • Discuss nature of reality
  • be debonair as a debonairite.
  • seriously, the nature of reality? what. (WAS NATASHA LYING.)
  • seriously, morning run.

You made bullet points, didn’t you, Natasha says.

I thought you said you didn’t know everything, Sam texts.

I don’t, Natasha texts back. But you did, right?

Sam turns his phone off again.


and anyway they go to a mets game and get shake shack and they get to the bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded and CHRIS YOUNG (??) IS AT BAT AND HE HITS A GRAND SLAM AND THE GIANT INFLATABLE APPLE BEHIND HOME BASE COMES UP AND SAM JUMPS UP SCREAMING because seriously, who is a yankees fan, anyway they’re playing boston and anyone who wins against boston is good people in sam’s book, and that’s how he completely forgets to slyly put his arm around steve who is CAPTAIN AMERICA, seriously, he’s at a baseball game with captain america!!! how cool is that! which is also how he completely misses steve looking up at him completely unable to suppress the BIGGEST FOND GRIN. anyway on the train back into the city he reenacts all the best parts in his head and sneaks looks at Steve, who is sitting with his cap pulled down and kind of dozing a little, and feels like his heart is going to burst out of his chest with how much he cares


AND ANYWAY they try and discuss the nature of reality and instead they discuss the nature of guacamole because seriously, what is it with avocadoes, steve’s never quite been able to get the hang of how to tell when they’re perfectly ripe but apparently life is like an avocado, tony keeps saying that and steve is completely sure he’s fucking with him but he is going along with it so he can get better revenge one day, and sam is also useless when it comes to avocadoes but he is willing to try, he is willing to go out and buy two dozen avocadoes from the street vendor down the road from avengers tower, and then he is willing to sit and try one every day for two weeks just so they can tell what the pinnacle of avocado perfection is, even if he is heartily sick of avocadoes (how is one sick of avocadoes!!!!) by the end of it, and sam thinks that’s maybe what life really is about, this sitting and halving avocadoes with someone you big l-word, this waiting, these good things coming with time. which is how he totally fails and also aces the second bullet point.


sam never beats steve on a morning run. it’s okay. he’ll keep trying


what’s the noun form of debonair, Sam texts Natasha. He’d like to believe their friendship has reached the no-punctuation-ever stage.

debutante, she replies.

thanks bunches, he says. you’re a real friend, Tash, and then savors the brief radio silence while she weighs a sarcastic response against how much she genuinely likes his nickname for her.

deboner? she says, which is how he knows he’s forgiven.

sounds like me all right, he replies. Fuck if he knows what he’s doing. Fuck if he knows if it’s working. Fuck if he knows anything, at this point, besides how much he wants to kiss Steve, and ask him how his day went, and also wake him up when he has nightmares, and be there for the good dreams.


ANYWAY IT IS THE END OF WEEK TWO AND THEY ARE OUT OF AVOCADOES AND THEY HAVE WATCHED AND/OR LISTENED TO METS GAMES FOR A WEEK and steve and sam realize they have been covertly staring at each other for HALF AN HOUR and sam laughs nervously and steve smiles and says, “sam, have we been —”

"COCKBLOCKING OURSELVES," sam says, and then coughs, and says, "wait, what? who said that? not me. definitely not me, what, who."

"well, yeah," steve says, and smiles even more, and sam blushes RIDICULOUSLY hard, and then MAKEOUTS AND DEFINITELY BLOWJOBS, this got way out of hand




if you thought there was innocent medical attention happening in my last picture i’m genuinely sorry for you
welcome to the “metal hand going places it shouldn’t” (tm brodinsons) kink blog 2014


I TOLD YOU—I’m gonna work on you until you porn up your Steve/Bucky feels! I HAVE FAITH IN YOU I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT.




if you thought there was innocent medical attention happening in my last picture i’m genuinely sorry for you

welcome to the “metal hand going places it shouldn’t” (tm brodinsons) kink blog 2014


I TOLD YOU—I’m gonna work on you until you porn up your Steve/Bucky feels! I HAVE FAITH IN YOU I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT.


Mistake on the Part of Nature



Summary: Steve takes in Bucky’s betrayed look and Sam’s confusion, follows Sam’s gaze to the pile of mangled fruit in the trash can. Sudden comprehension fills his face.

"Oh," he says. "Bucky found out about bananas."

In which an American icon is mourned. But probably not the one you’re thinking of.

I just read this fic and holy hell I can’t breathe I’m laughing so hard.


Bucky … I’d ask about the egg before you get started …